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Music is the rhythm of life

If you have ever checked out my blog in the past you would likely have noticed that music plays a major role in my life. I have so many various music ventures that I thought it would be cool to highlight each one of them in one place. Shamelessly I would recommend you check out all the different varieties of musical offerings I have.
  • First is my solo music stuff. This is published in the my music section of my site. Most of this music is Electronica in nature. Almost all of it was produced using Reason 4 (and Reason 2.5 and 3 before that).
  • Second is my hip hop music. I started a group with my Brother-in-law and some of his family members called The MOB Crew. We also go by the name Midwest Millionaires some times to mix it up. Just a warning most of the music here is loaded with vulgarity.
  • Third is my CCMixter music. CCMixter is a collaborative music site where people can upload samples, a capellas and remixes. It has been an awesome community to work with and has really helped challenge me as a musician.
  • Last but not least by any means is a jam band I have played with called Braille Music. Playing with this incredible group has helped me learn to be better at live improvisation and has opened my eyes to some of my musical abilities.
Sure there is a chance that nothing listed here will suit you, however I hope you enjoy the fruits of one of my favorite hobbies.

2008: A Recap

Well the year 2008 has come and gone. Thinking back to all that happened in 2008 I figured a recap of the year wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Family: I love my family. In 2008 Marcia and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. It is crazy to think that 11 years after meeting two people would love trust and respect each other as much as we do. She continues to make my heart smile. Also our son Gabe turned 3. I never imagined being a father would be as cool as it is, but he has made it a very rewarding experience.

The MOB Crew: When my sister’s family moved a mile away that gave me a lot of extra time to spend with my brother-in-law Chrisshon. It also made me realize that we could share our love for music. What started out with the two of us sitting one the couch staring at the laptop has evolved into 5 of us, a mini home studio, a vocal isolation booth, and a website. I hope 2009 treats us as well as 2008 has.

Twitter: So in 2008 I started using twitter and have to say that I wish I had this service for the last 10 years, it is so nice and handy. I have become a bit of a twitter junkie and perhaps spend too much time on it, but must say I love using it.

Damn I am old! I celebrated my 30th birthday and I got to spend it in Germany, which was amazing. I can’t say that I ever spent too much time thinking “what will life be like when I am thirty”, but as I reflect on the last year I must say. I have a pretty good life.

Work Projects: I have had a project that I cannot discuss much at work that has consumed much of my time over the last year. It has been very rewarding and has provided a unique opportunity to grow as an individual. I am excited that we are nearing a production launch of the product that has taken so much time.

Upper Iowa University: This has been as much a positive as a negative, however I am now over 60% done with my bachelors program at Upper Iowa. I used to have to force myself to feel like I was learning something, but looking back I see there are things that I have learned that have crossed over professionally. I will be most excited to finally be done, but that won’t happen until 2010 or 11.

Google Reader: Okay for some reason I hadn’t used reader until 2008, despite being a very loyal Google user since they launched. One of the things I realized in 2008 was that I spend way too much time managing links to hundreds of sites to keep up on blogs and news. So in my attempt of improving my time management skills I started using Google Reader. This has since become a regular part of my daily browsing ritual. The improvements such as “categories” have made Reader even more user-friendly and usable.

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Recording Studio with a Vocal Isolation Booth

OK so I have been a super slacker when it comes to updating the blog lately.  I did however launch a new blog for my Hip Hop crew: The MOB Crew. So as you may already assume I have spent a bunch of time with these fellas recording and such.  One of the projects we undertook was building a Vocal Isolation Booth. For those of you who are not exactly sure what a booth does or is used for, let me explain. When recording (especially with a higher quality microphone) you’re going to pick up all of the sound that fills the room. Well when you pack 2 to 4 dudes in a room who are all drinking and feeding off each others energy that adds a lot of extra sound. To combat this it is desirable to isolate the performer and microphone from all other sounds. While not a professional build we ended up with an isolated and sound insulated room that allows me to record the best vocals possible.  Here is a full view camera phone shot of the booth:

Outside view of the Booth

As you can see there is a window that allows me to see in to the performer. I also have a mic on the desk that allows me to communicate to the person in the booth. Here is my brother-in-law Shon during a session:

Vocal Booth Window

As you can likely see we have plastered the booth, but haven’t painted it yet. Hopefully we’ll have that done soon. The following is another shot taken from the inside of the booth. I tried to make it a little bit artist with the shot taken and the microphone clearly in view. The inside is lined with a charcoal felt that helps absorb some of the sound.

Vocal Booth from the Inside