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Nissan Xterra Wipers not working, how to fix (with pictures)

So a couple of weeks ago on one icy morning my passenger side wiper got frozen in the off position and from that point on the wiper wouldn’t move. I could see and hear that it wanted to but it just wouldn’t. I researched online and found everything from replacing the wiper motor to tightening up a screw. Luckily one of the various articles said if it looks like it is trying to move and you can hear it, the most probable fix is to tighten the wiper nut.

To fix the problem, use the following steps:

1. Remove the plastic cover at the base of the arm. On one of mine I was able to pop it up with my fingers, on the other I had to use a pliers to pop it off

Xterra wiper with cover on Removing Xterra wiper cover

2. Tighten the bolt underneath the cover with a 12mm socket. I tightened it as much as I pretty much could physically exert, figuring that it was designed not to be loosened.

Xterra wiper nut and bolt
Tighten the xterra wiper nut

It was as simple as that. A 5 minute “repair” to be fully operational again.