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Just checking in…

All right I have all kinds of fun updates… For starters I got a couple of new songs I have been working on and surprise surprise I am singing again in them. I have actually had a bunch of fun singing on these tracks so don’t be surprised if you see that a lot more in the future. Anyways here are the two new songs that I added.

New Music:

Consequences – This smooth rolling song just came to me over the course of a couple of hours. I actually wrote tons of lyrics but really enjoyed it more when I picked a few of my favorite lyrics and just repeated them a few times. I hope you enjoy.

Sometimes simple is better – I made this song in a night (minus the singing) and the next day I was playing around with some vocals and settled on toying with parts of the verse. I am pretty satisfied with the end result.

Both songs can be directly downloaded or you can click the My Music link at the top and listen to my entire collection of releases.

Nintendo update:

Besides my music one of the other things that has kept me busy has been the Wii!! So I know in my last post I blasted Nintendo and I still kind of stand by my points, but I have cooled off some now that I was actually able to score a Wii Fit. Interestingly I found one by checking online in the middle of the night when I was up puking my guts out. Wal-Mart came through for me and even delivered it within a day. So anyways, last Wednesday it arrived and both Marcia and I started using it right away. I must say that it kicks total ass and is way more fun then I anticipated. I have “exercised” pretty much 30 minutes a day on it, although I must admit that I play the fun balance games way more then I play the games that give you a good workout. I am down a couple of pounds and it has been fun to use… I give it 2 stubby thumbs up!

Social Network Overload:

So earlier this week I got a Plurk invite, then I got on another service and it was pretty obvious that I am not going to use all of them… but I have my name reserved in case 😉

Try out Plurk

Later that day I was out at digg.com and before you knew it I was signed up on Pownce too..

Tenny’s Pownce

I hate having online slop accounts that are nothing but place holders, but when the clear current winner (Twitter) has a hard time providing reliable service I would rather go the safe route and reserve my spot now.

Icon mania:

So back in the day I had a total thing for making icons. I guess the wanna be designer in me felt it was a good outlet. Anyways I didn’t like the pieced together logos and crap I had on my info page and decided to give my hand at some quick and dirty icon design. I have always been a huge fan of Inkscape for making icons due to the beauty of working with SVG. So I downloaded the latest version of Inkscape today and gave it a go. Here is what I ended up with:

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