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Farewell Ohio, I’ll miss you Cincinnati

I can’t believe that I have moved away after only 2 1/2 short years. Cincinnati; you have been good to me. I was welcomed with open arms and honestly felt like I fit in right away. Within our first 3 months in the Queen City we had done so much to embrace the local flavor. Since we have kids we took many trips to the Cincinnati Zoo. We also became members of the Cincinnati Museum Center and spent many hours wandering through the various exhibits; the kids especially loved the Duke Energy Children’s Museum (as an added bonus we even made it to COSI in Columbus a few times). There were many Reds games, a few trips to Paul Brown Stadium to catch the Bengals, and we even ventured to Dayton to check out a Dragons game.

You see, when we came here a few years ago, we knew very little about the area. It was a job that brought us here in the first place. We knew we would need to totally immerse ourselves in order for this to work, since we were leaving our home town, our families, and our entire network of friends. The first month here we subscribed to Cincinnati Magazine and have been getting it ever since (which I highly recommend). We followed many of the leading local tweeters and started venturing out and exploring. We wasted away hours bargain hunting and people watching everywhere from Treasure Isle to Traders World to The City Flea.

We also got to try a lot of foods (Goetta and Cincinnati Chili) and restaurant chains that were new to us; Skyline Chili, Gold Star Chili, Blue Ash Chili, LaRosa’s, Jeff Ruby’s, Graeter’s and so much more. We had our fun too, whether at King’s Island, the Keith Haring Exhibit at the CAC, Trammel Fossil Park, or at the Newport Aquarium.

Add to that, the many incredible friends we gained in the process. Cincinnati will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for being so kind, I plan to visit often!


my world turned upside down

Well I failed to hit my blogging goal for the year. But I have a great excuse. My life was turned upside down in the best way possible; I got a new job! That’s right; nine years of success at TDS have come to a close. Honestly it has been extremely bittersweet for me to leave. I have made some amazing friends at TDS. I have learned some incredibly valuable lessons at TDS. I have grown professionally in unbelievable ways at TDS. Some of the most significant events of my life have happened while at TDS. I got married, both of my children were born, I bought my first home, and completed my 95% of my Bachelors degree. I don’t really feel like I have changed as a person, but deep down I know that I have.

I wanted to say thank you to the people that helped me, the people that believed in me, and the people who shared their friendship with me.

You may be asking “So what next”? Well I am now the Product Manager of Value Added Services at Cincinnati Bell. My wife and children have supported this by moving with me from Wisconsin to Ohio. I have been virtually silent on most social networks for the last month only because I have been so busy that I hadn’t had time to stop and think and react. Now that we are here in Mason, OH and I am well into my second full week of work things have finally started to settle to normal. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot to do; I have a full plate at work, we still need to sell our Madison home (I have linked the online listing if you’re interested), and we’re looking for a new home in Mason. But I can officially say that we are settling in and really enjoying it here.