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Nest – Unboxing and Install

I am a total gadget nut; friends and regular readers can attest to that. I love the whole concept of the automated and connected home. One of the home automation items I have been watching is the smart thermostat. Late last year I first heard of Nest and just knew it was exactly what I was looking for. Almost as soon as I had heard about it I signed up on their waiting list and just this week was notified that I could order mine. Tuesday I got the email, Tuesday I placed my order, and today (Thursday) I received and installed my Nest!  Here is the unboxing of my Nest as well as some shots of the install process and and finished installation.

Nest in the Box

I couldn’t wait to open my Nest! The packaging is sleek and very Apple-esque.

Nest components out of the box

So I didn’t really get a worthwhile picture of the HUGE Honeywell old school thermostat, but after removing it (well actually first I shut off the power at the breaker) I was left with the following blank spot on the wall.

The old thermostat removed and I was left with a blank space

So after a little sanding, plaster patching, and painting I had a nice clean slate to work with. First task was to install the Nest wall mount, which I must say is a simply amazing design.

Nest Wall Mount close up (don’t worry I went in and leveled it up right)

Once the wall mount was on it was time to add the Nest controller. Literally the Nest controller clicked into the base and it was time to switch the breakers back on. All in all in about 1 hour (due mainly to the time to sand, plaster, and paint), I had a running Nest thermostat:

First shot of the Nest booting up

The Nest is super easy to setup; all in all I was done with setup in 5 minutes. It is so cool to have a thermostat that connects to the Internet and starts to modify my heating and cooling based on my usage habits! Here are a few additional shots of the Nest running, including some shots of the Nest in the dark…

Final shot of the Nest installed and running
A view of the Nest at an angle
Nest settings screen in the dark
Nest temperature in the dark