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Dell Sucks, I am forever done with Dell!

Let me start out by clearly stating that I am done with Dell. I promise I will never spend another dollar with Dell for the rest of my life. When I have had this conversation with different friends the general consensus is “what took you so long”. That is what I feel I need to explain…

Let me start with a little history, my first Dell came many years ago when the average home PC cost was in the $2500 range. I had heard some great things about the company and to be completely honest they had some of the best prices out there. Even in those early days I remember them trying to do semi-questionable things like forcing unwanted products in the shopping cart of online orders, but that was always easily avoided by calling up to finalize the order. In the last 11 years, between my wife and I, we have had different 4 Dell laptops. Being the “extended family computer support” I have also been the go to person when people are looking for recommendations for a computer to get. Between my Mother, Father, In-laws, and 5 siblings we are talking 20-25 Dell computer referrals since they were always the simplest option while still being reasonably competitive. Those first 5-6 years were relatively trouble free. When there was trouble things were always relatively easy to fix; a broken LCD (which was easily replaced), a keyboard rendered ineffective by spilled soda (easily replaced), and the average end user computer issue. Additionally, Dell used to always send a factory restore CD that allowed a clean install without the crapware, so from the very beginning the end users experience was positive.

This all sounds great doesn’t it? I don’t think I will ever go as far as saying I was a Dell fan boy, but for an OEM they used to be fairly reliable. Then a few years ago it all started going downhill. I don’t remember the exact day or even the exact family member’s issue, but the issues started piling one on top of another. When I am taking issues I am not referring to OS issues either, I am talking about problems with hardware. In the last two years I have seen laptop cases fall apart, mouse pads stop working, soldered components completely fall off, capacitors blown, DVD drives that stop working after minimal use, and laptops that get so hot within 2 minutes of turning on that they have literally burned the skin of the user. In fact every Dell I have worked with that was bought since 2009 has had major heat issues. I used to recommend cooling pads, but when the laptop gets so hot that it automatically powers off after less than 5 minutes of use (even with the cooling pad) enough is enough. I was getting calls almost weekly from family members and it all was due to Dells.

You would think it would be simple enough to just contact Dell and get these issues dealt with, but my time is more valuable to me than wasting hours with terrible support technicians who read scripts verbatim and don’t understand how to troubleshoot. I also do not buy the price gouging maintenance plans because when I buy something I expect it to work. On the off chance I get a lemon I just deal with it then, but when everything you buy is a lemon that becomes a problem.

Dell Sucks! Dell is terrible! They have lost my business and the business of any family member that relies on me for support.