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Battlefield 3 versus Modern Warfare 3

Let me start this post about Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, two of the most popular first person shooters, with a few disclaimers. First off I am not a hardcore gamer (at least not any more). Second I am not one of those dudes who is gifted at first person shooters and is always at the tops of the leader boards when I play. Third, this review is completely based on my opinion, which means for someone my review is going to be totally wrong. Just so you know, I am totally OK with that.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way let me get into the games a little bit. I own both games on the Xbox 360. I know for many first person multi-player purists playing on a console is sacrilegious, but honestly I play for fun so deal with it. I got both games for the Xbox 360 because personally I find the multi-player the most enjoyable aspect of first person shooters and Xbox Live has like more players on its network than any of the others. Also, while I have played various first person shooter campaigns in the past, I never find them quite as enjoyable as multi-player. Se lets get to it….


Which game do I enjoy more? That is a tough one for me, but right now I need to give the edge to Battlefield 3. Whew, now that I got that out of the way let me explain why.

Things I love about Battlefield 3:

Game play is bad ass. Seriously it is a much more strategic and realistic feeling game than MW3. I really enjoy how much you can alter your play style while playing. You can zerg with shotguns, spam with rockets, sit back and snipe, play rogue or play with sophisticated team work.

Your actions determine your success much better in B3 than in MW3 in my opinion. It is much less about zerging to a certain kill streak to unlock some overpowered kill streak feature and more about strategically playing your character.

Things I don’t like about Battlefield 3:

Predictable spawn points suck. This is easily over come by good team work, but some of the predetermined spawning placements are too predictable and has led to some spawn camping.

Mismatches. As I mentioned I am not the best at first person shooters and it pisses me off when some much higher ranked player comes in and almost unfairly cleans up. Something else that pisses me off is when I join a match already partied with them and we are placed on opposite teams. As much as I like shooting my friends from time to time, I usually party up with them with the intend of playing with them, not against them!

The UI leaves much to be desired. The fact that you’re stuck between matches with a very underwhelming interface where you can’t do squat kind of sucks.

Things I like about Modern Warfare 3: (Keep in mind I have only had it for 1 day)

I really like some of the boards I have played so far and the game play is fun and quick paced. This game easily follows suit with the Call of Duty series of games.

I like how quickly one can level. B3 sometimes feels like a MMO watching your experience bar grow ever so slightly between matches. I don’t feel like that at all so far with MW3.

Things I don’t find so hot about Modern Warfare 3:

There only seems so be 2 play styles Zerging and Camping. While team work seems applicable it is more for the sake of overwhelming the enemy rather than truly offering support classes that can help protect, heal, and resupply your team mates.

Kill Streak weapons are over powered. I am not saying that helicopters, planes, missiles and tanks shouldn’t be powerful. I am saying the availability to use them in MW3 is too powerful. It is one of my biggest issues in general with the Call of Duty product line. I hate games that over reward the best skilled players with special perks that make them even more powerful. It’s like handicapping the less skilled players, which just doesn’t make sense. As someone who is not often at the top of the leader boards this frustrates me.

All of this may change as I continue to play both of these games. I give both very high ratings and really enjoy playing both.