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I miss my Android phone…

So I have been a loyal Android user since the iOS vs. Android smartphone war started. That being said a month ago, due to a new job, I switched (based on several recommendations)  to an iPhone 5. While I was super excited about somethings, namely having access to iOS-only apps such as Vine, I am not in love with the phone as much as so many others are.  Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t hate the phone, I just don’t love it either.

My biggest iPhone issues are as follows:

  • I miss the amount of Google integration I have on my Android devices. If I am a fan boy of anything I guess am a Google fan boy. Certain things work ok on iOS, such as gmail, gdrive, gvoice, ect… But others are missing altogether such as gTalk.
  • Speaking of, there is no great Google Talk app for iOS. There are a bunch of mediocre 3rd party apps (Vtok, IMO, IM+, and more…), but compared to Google official Talk app for Android, none come close.
  • Lack of iOS customization… I have always applauded Apple for locking things down so that people couldn’t ruin the experience that Apple was trying to provide them, but I want my customization!
  • Battery eater! Yes I know you need to turn off apps when you are not actively use them, but come on, you couldn’t build that intellegence into the iOS?

Again I don’t hate the iPhone or anything. Maybe I just miss how perfectly customized my Android phones were to my user needs. Maybe I am over looking something, but to me the iPhone seems second rate compared to Android.

Confessions of someone who is not an Apple Fan Boy

I am not one who is afraid to admit when I was wrong and boy was I wrong when it came to the iPad. When Apple released the iPad back in early 2010 I thought there was no way people would pay $500+ for what I equated to a glorified web browser with some apps, but that is exactly what people wanted. They wanted something fast, portable, and multifunctional and iPad gave them all of that. If you look what people do online (check out this infographic for more info)  it is video watching, social network visiting, chatting, news and blog reading, and playing games.What I feel I most overlooked was the fact that the iPad is so user friendly and  easy to use that it is virtually impossible to screw up, which is a huge win for Apple.

Now about the not being an apple fan boy thing, keep in mind that I worked on support desks for the first 8 years of my career, Apple was a curse word for most of that time. So for a long time I almost loathed Apple products, no sir I am no Apple fan boy. In fact, the only Apple product I directly own is an Apple TV, which I bought for the sole purpose of hacking and running Boxee & XBMC on it. That being said I have bought iPads for both my wife and my oldest son, plus I also bought my wife a Mac Book Pro, so I have clearly started accepting Apple products.