My Music

Welcome to Music!

Music for me has been a critical aspect of my life. At a very young age I learned to love all types of music and have been trying to create my own stuff for as long as I can remember. Over the last 10 years I have put a bunch of stuff online to share with all of you. First is my solo music stuff. This is published in the my music section of my site. Most of this music is Electronica in nature. Almost all of it was produced using Reason 4 (and Reason 2.5 and 3 before that). You can listen to that in the player here:

Tenny’s CCMixter music. CCMixter is a collaborative music site where people can upload samples, a capellas and remixes. It has been an awesome community to work with and has really helped challenge me as a musician.

Last but not least by any means is a jam band I have played with called Braille Music. Playing with this incredible group has helped me learn to be better at live improvisation and has opened my eyes to some of my musical abilities.