Getting free stuff at CES

So of all the stuff I had heard about CES, one that was stated by a number of folks was that the free shwag that is given out can be really decent. Now I didn’t go for this reason, but for the right stuff I am willing to stand in a line if I have to.

Honestly while walking the floor there was not much in terms of free stuff. There were pens and lanyards and a few other one-off type items (a tee-shirt, a cheesy skull candy necklace, etc.) , but I really didn’t see much in terms of nerd stuff (sd cards, flash drives, etc.). However what I did participate in were a number of social media contests.

One such contest led to me receiving a Logitech Revue (GoogleTV) unit. The Logitech contest was managed through Twitter (I have followed @logitech ever since) and all of my running around CES like gadget-obsessed maniacs with my friends Terrence and Ryan paid off big time! We were lucky, all three of us received a Logitech Revue (we were number 94, 95, and 96 out of the 100 given away).

Another such contest I participated in was the FourSquare CES 2011 Badge content, which outlined the following information right on the badge notes:

Welcome to the world’s largest tech show! Now head on over to Experience CEA in the Grand Lobby and show your badge to score some cool prizes (while supplies last).

When I showed my badge I got exactly what I was expecting, a real badge (in the form of a CES pin). I know it sounds a bit dorky, but it was fun to go through the “treasure hunt of sorts” and get a gimmicky little reward. In addition to the badge/pin showing your FourSquare badge at the CEA booth also qualified you to for a grand prize sponsored by none other then Sonos and FourSquare. Now this is the type of prize thing where you drop in your business card and they draw a name once all is done. I dropped my card in dozens of “grand prize” buckets over the course of CES (and honestly in hundreds of “win a prize” buckets over my life), but haven’t ever actually won anything. In fact I have always kind of thought they were rigged methods for mass-mailing collection lists. Yet, late last week I received an email from Sonos, Foursquare and CEA announcing that I won their Sonos grand prize pack (so I guess I can no longer say I never win those prize drawings).

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