Bye Bye Bret….

I know I am a few days late posting this now, but Bret Bielema is gone from Wisconsin. I think my delay has more to do with my being in shock, cause I didn’t see it coming. Let me go on record that I don’t dislike Bret as many in Wisconsin do, however I have been as skeptical as anyone. One of the most frequent questions was why was Bret not loved by so many in Wisconsin? It is purely opinion, but I think I know:

  • We were spoiled by Barry. Wisconsin is the house that Barry built and Bret didn’t like being in his constant shadow.
  • The record when it counts… he was 2-4 in 6 bowl games, with one of those wins in his first year as head coach, coaching a team of players Barry was primarily responsible. (Barry was 8-3 in bowl games, including 3-0 in the Rose Bowl)
  • His record as a closer. As a die-hard Badger fan one of the greatest sources of frustration came into play in games when it felt like we should have won, but didn’t due to play calling. Falling into the same bucket is the consistent criticism of Bret’s clock management skills.
  •  I think there is a sense that he never earned Badger fan’s respect as head coach. Many were shocked by his assignment as head coach in the first place. When he came into the program as a Defensive Coordinator I don’t remember there really being any animosity, but when out of nowhere he was given the Head Coaching job just a few short years later I think it shocked many people.

Overall I appreciated the effort the team under Bret brought. He was responsible for bringing in some of my favorite players, such as JJ Watt, Montee Ball, and Russell Wilson. I think he was under rated overall and the Hogs should be proud to have him as a coach.

10 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bret….

  1. I like your use of bullets. I had some favorite players too but mostly liked the water boys….

  2. As someone currently in Wisconsin, I’d like to say:

    Bielema’s Badgers lost 10 times in the last 3 years. 9 times by 7 points or less. An inability to win close games is a big sign of poor coaching.Bielema’s Badgers had an inflated record. They beat up on crappy teams and lost to good teams. In the Big Ten, Bielema went 23-1 against Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, and Purdue and 16-18 against everybody elseOf course Bielema never earned respect. What he did earn was a reputation as a womanizing drunk. Not only that, but on the field he was widely seen as a score-running-up jerk.You may see Bielema as responsible for bringing players like Russell Wilson and Montee Ball to Wisconsin. I, on the other hand, see Bielema as the buffoon who someone managed to lose three games last season with Ball & Wilson.

    I think Bielema was given the opportunity of a lifetime at Wisconsin and all he has to show for it are two minor bowl wins and some huge flops on the national stage.

    Good riddance.

  3. We will miss Brett at our bar, where he would repeatedly dry-hump the yak on the wall after 3 rum-runners. The stains still don’t come off.

  4. Oh don’t get me wrong NewTenny, if this post came across as pro Bielema, that was not the intention. I have been more than frustrated with him and his coaching over the last few years. I am glad you highlighted his record against “teams that count” as it further lends the the argument that a change is welcome. I am glad he pulled the shocker on all of Wisconsin because honestly I don’t think Barry would have ever given him the boot. I am excited by the prospect of having a new coach. Thanks for the comments!

  5. I’m sure it just slipped your old felebe mind, and that’s forgivable, but Da Bears won, and so did the Lions, tightening up the Central a bit.Barb and I are going to Lambeau for the Nov. 15th game against Dallas! I will have no trouble cheering for the Pack over the “boys”Peace to you.

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