What is AdvoCare?

I like to read a lot and because food blogs are one of the things I enjoy reading I had been hearing a lot about body cleansing, juicing, and nutrition hacking. I have also been fascinated by CrossFit, which inevitably led me to hearing about AdvoCare at various times. So flash back to a month ago when my wife tells me that a friend of ours was starting the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.
AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge
Being the supportive person I am I told my wife that I thought it was awesome that her friend was doing this (and here is where I really surprised here) I told her that if she wanted to try it out I would do the challenge with her. I figured I love doing challenges like this, I definitely have a health conscience, and I thought it could be fun to be supportive of my wife during her challenge with the foods we ate.
So on May 8th, 2014 we started Day 1 of the challenge. See the first 10 days are a cleanse (not not really a cleanse in the poop your brains out way sort of way); the way I see it the first 10 days is really about 3 things:

  1. Developing a schedule/routine – Drink this first, eat this second, take these third… I think you get the point. Thankfully AdvoCare provides resources like a challenge book and a smartphone app that helps keep track of things nicely.
  2. Following a strict No list – This may have been the most difficult part. Here are a list of foods to avoid:
    • No Alcohol
    • No Coffee
    • No Dairy (milk, butter, cream, cheese, etc.)
    • No Fried Food
    • No High Fat Foods
    • No Processed Foods
    • No Preservative-Based Foods - You know all those crazy things on the labels that you either can’t really pronounce or have no clue what it really is like High Fructose Corn Syrup, Monosodium Glutamate, Sodium Sulfite, Sodium Nitrate, etc. well they are all bad when you’re taking the 24 day challenge.
    • No Soda
    • No Sugar – It really doesn’t matter what kind, try and stay away from all sugars
    • No White Bread
    • No White Flour
  1. Establishing a healthy balanced diet – I don’t know  if I have ever eaten this healthy in my life. 100% natural fresh meats, veggies, fruits, whole grain, etc.

After the cleanse phase you go into what AdvoCare calls the max phase. As I see it this is really about continuing the 3 points above, while adding specific supplements and vitamins in order to support your body.

Being the stat nerd I am I kept very detailed logs of my food, weight, fat mass (thanks to my awesome Withings Smart Body Analyzer!!), and even blood pressure (using a Panasonic Blood Pressure Monitor).

Ok now if you have made it this far in the reading you’re probably wondering, DID IT WORK??? Well I found it did for me! Stats Summary for my 24 Day Challenge:

  • I lost 11 lbs going from 213.5 lbs down to 202.5 lbs.
  • I had a 14.6% reduction in Fat Mass dropping from 54.7 lbs of fat to 46.7 lb of fat
  • I saw a 7 point drop (using first 5 day average – last 5 day average) on both my systolic and diastolic measurements.
  • I lost 7 inches on my BWHT (chest-weight-hips-thigh) measurements (4 on waist/belly and 3 on thigh, my chest and hips stayed the same).

The above data is just a summary, here is a detailed log of my weight, fat mass, fat mass % of total weight, and blood pressure. Days that are identified as n/a no measurements were taken usually because I was traveling for work:

Tenny's Advocare 24 Day Challenge log

I don’t want to turn this into a commercial or advertisement, but wanted to realistically address some questions:

Would I recommend AdvoCare?  Overall I think I would. I saw positive results. It really wasn’t that difficult.  I successfully completed the challenge.

How did you feel during and after the challenge? I have heard a number of people who said they feel so much more energy when on AdvoCare, but that just wasn’t the case for me. I had a morning caffeine ritual that worked well for me prior to starting, so if anything I felt less energy due to the change in my habit. I also have felt more emotionally sensitive during and now for the first few days after. It could all be in my head, it could be seasonality (it did transition from spring to summer here), it could be anything, but I strongly feel it was influence by the diet.

Would I do it again? Yes, because in a way I am still doing it. I am taking the AdvoCare Spark (as a replacement to my morning caffeine drinks), AdvoCare Catalyst (before working out), and taking AdvoCare OmegaPlex (as a omega-3 supplement). I have also significantly hacked my diet by cutting out crap that was bad for me and overall I have changed out a lot of the bad foods for good ones.

What was the most difficult part of the challenge? The most difficult part was finding reliable information. What can I eat? What can’t I eat? There is a lot of contradictory data out there. I also struggled to find recipes. It was such a challenge that my wife and I created our own AdvoCare website called AdvoHelp.org where we post helpful hints and recipes that we have enjoyed while on the challenge.

FitBit Force Review/Warning

I have had the FitBit Force for several months now, but have been hesitant to do a formal review. I have been a huge fan of FitBit devices for some time now, with the FitBit Force being the third device of their I have owned. Back when they first came out I even wrote about using a FitBit One. When the Force came out I knew this was going to be the device for me! Finally a quality wrist wearable fitness tracker that integrated with the online experience of the fitbit.com website. I have to admit that I loved this device. I wore it all the time (except for showers and the pool), but basically anywhere I would go. The accuracy was good. The battery life was good. The fact that I was able to avoid losing it as easily as the FitBit one was GREAT, but then I got burned and haven’t wore it since.

FitBit Force rash the day I stopped wearing it.

Like I literally developed a burn-like rash where a certain part of the FitBit touched my skin. When I contacted FitBit they were helpful and offered me a full refund without question (but nothing else was offered)… At the time of writing this post FitBit has (sort of) acknowledged this “skin irritation” and even issued a recall to address the problem.

9 days after I stopped wearing the FitBit Force I still have the rash. I have been using a prescription to try and eliminate the traces of the rash, but so far it is as visible as it was when I stopped wearing the Force.

FitBit Force rash 9 days after I stopped wearing it

I will end up getting another wearable at some point, but this whole experience has me much more hesitant to jump into it right away.

Wordle of my twitter activity

I have been seeing several wordle clouds lately and thought it would be cool to do one of my Twitter posts over the last 2 years. I like that wordle lets you right click on words you want to remove (which I did with my username, months, and other common twitter words like reply, favorite, etc.). This is the end result:

jmtenny's twitter word cloud via wordle

looking now I see a few other common words were still left in (like summary), but overall I think it is a pretty accurate snapshot into my Twitter interactions.

Google Bought Nest? No!!

Look I have been a loyal Google user since day 1. I have also been a loyal Nest user since it came out (I even blogged about it here). So upon hearing that Google bought out Nest (here is a great article on the purchase at Gigaom) you would think that I would be super pleased, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

See Google already took a shot at energy monitoring with PowerMeter and failed. They shut the service down in September of 2011. And shutting things down is the primary reason that I am really alarmed and disappointed by this acquisition. My loyalty to Google has extended across its many product lines and far too often I have been completely burned by their desire to shut down a service. Services I had come to rely on: shut down. Services I used everyday: shutdown. Services I, in collaboration with a former employer, spent many man hours and many thousands of dollars to deploy: shutdown.

Google’s leadership has decided that instead of making the web a better place and profiting as a benefit, they would rather solely chase profits and eliminate lower margin solutions. I would be shocked if we don’t see a message like this at some point in the future:

Parody of Google Reader shutdown message applied to Nest website.

Parody of Google Reader shutdown message applied to Nest website.


About to get my Kombucha on!

Kombucha fermenting

Pictures of Kombucha fermenting. Pictures via getkombucha.com

So my friend Andrea has been brewing and drinking the stuff for ever. I have always really enjoyed drinking it as well when ever given the opportunity. I finally decided to jump in and brew some myself. Andrea pointed me to her mom’s blog about how to get started brewing Kombucha. I used this as a shopping list of what to buy and as soon as everything arrives I’ll get started. I hope to post some of my experiences with Kombucha here on the blog so please check back to see my progress.

Don’t call it a resolution

I suck at New Year’s resolutions, like so many others I just lose motivation. However, I am good at personal challenges. My last successful personal challenge was to go alcohol free in 2013. I wasn’t necessarily a big drinker or anything, I just wanted to see if I could do it and how it would affect me (weight, emotionally, socially, etc.) and was proud to accomplish the feat with very little issue (I did order a drink once that I thought was non-alcoholic and found I was wrong part way through it). Anyways, in 2014 I think I will enjoy the occasional drink, but don’t feel the “need” to drink as much as I used to. I will however be trying to accomplish a few things this year:

  • Photo-a-day – I tried this once before and failed, but I really want to push myself to see if I can complete a full year taking a picture everyday. While easy for some, for me this is a bit of a challenge, I am not a big photo guy. You can track my progress here: Tenny’s Photo-a-day
  • Pound-a-week – So I have had similar goals in the past and have been pretty good about hitting them. Of course in time and diet I have added some of that weight back. Plus losing 52 pounds would be awesome and would put me right at my target weight. As of 1/1/14 I tipped the scales at 225 lbs. My results will auto-post on my FitBit profile.
  • Be a better logger – No not that kind of logger… as a compliment to my Pound-a-week goal, I am going to make every effort to log everything I eat in a year. I have done a decent job in the past when trying to do this, but  always end up stopping. All food will also be recorded on my FitBit profile.

Happy New Year!

2013 Year in Review

This year has been crazy; a wild roller coaster of ups and downs. At times emotional and draining, at other times overwhelming elation. The year started much like any other year. The first couple of months were slow, but showed great promise. I was in a job that was very taxing, but the prospect of a new opportunity had my spirits up. I eventually landed the new job which has been extremely exciting and rewarding.

However, around the same time I was offered the new position, I learned that my closest brother Joe had passed away very unexpectedly. As I type this I realized I never wrote about this happening on the blog. I guess I internalize things like this quite a bit. Joe was smart, funny, and one of the most social people I have ever known. He could work a room with the best of them. I have always had a very frank view on death; it happens to everyone and after it happens there is nothing you can do to prevent it. I grieve quickly and believe more in focusing my energy on helping to keep the legacy of the person alive. This has never been more true than with my brother, who was expecting his first child with his longtime girlfriend Molly, when he passed away. I will always love my brother Joe, may he rest in peace.

Several months after Joe passed, I received news that my cousin Paul had passed away. As an oldest child I had never had an older brother, but I definitely viewed Paul as an older brother figure. Some of my earliest memories as a kid involved hanging out with Paul. He taught me so many things (some good and some bad) that you would expect an older brother to teach a younger brother. Even though he was technically my cousin, to me in just 3 months I had lost both a younger brother and an older brother. But the sadness I felt for my lose was matched by the sadness I felt for the children of Joe and Paul. I hope they know how awesome their dads were and will do my best to remind them as long as I am living.

However as the year has closed out I was blessed to have two beautiful nieces born in the last few months. On Sept 11, Joe’s daughter Ivy Tennyson Jasper (left picture) was born. Then on Dec 17, my sister-in-law Mandy (and Greg) delivered Julia Irene Gintz (right picture). It has been wonderful spending time with these two little ladies and I am excited to be an uncle to both of them. This is made sweeter by the fact that we have moved back to Wisconsin. As I outlined in the post Farewell Ohio, I’ll miss you Cincinnati, we have moved back to Wisconsin to be closer and more involved with our families.

Other highlights in 2013 include getting a new car, celebrating Gabe’s 8th birthday and Oliver’s 3rd birthday, celebrating 11 years of marriage with Marcia, participating in Stuart and Courtney’s wedding, getting back into curling, finally getting my first deer during deer hunting, and so much more. This year has taught me to do a better job appreciating the people in my life. To keep a positive outlook and focus as much on the now as I was on the future. Here is to a memorable 2013 and an exciting 2014.